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How to Crush it in Business
Without Crushing Your Spirit,
How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression
And Find Success!

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How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression and Find Success!

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I was looking for an important topic that would help people and it was of interest to me. Plus, it's something I didn't see people talking about on Facebook. So, I created an outline. Then, I asked people to help me flush it out; they were very vocal and the list was very long. That's when I realized I had to do it! 

So, I'm looking for stories from entrepreneurs who have overcome depression, or have stories they can share about entrepreneurs they have helped overcome depression.  If that's you, and you are interested in hearing more, please enter your name and best email and we'll keep you posted as we get the project underway!

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About Ellen Violette

mythumbnailpic-FEllen Violette is a 6-time #1 best-selling author and has participated in 3 collaboration books as well as several joint ventures selling as much as $20,000 from a single launch.

She is also a  Kindle Expert, with an impressive record of #1 Best-Seller launches for her clients! (100% success rate with authors who work with her personally and follow her system!) She is also an award-winning coach, winner of 2 eLit Awards, including one for her work as a regular contributor to Published! Magazine.

Ellen is the author of 6 books and co-author of Sell More eBooks, Low & No-Cost Tactics to EXPLODE Your eBook Sales and Downloads with Internet Guru, Jim Edwards. As well as a co-author in the #1 books “Ready, Aim, Captivate, and Wake Up Live The Life Freedom.She helps independent professionals, coaches, and speakers in the healing and creative arts, as well as entrepreneurs, and authors gain instant credibility and expert status through publishing and platform building and using them to create high-income businesses.

She’s also a Grammy-nominated songwriter, which gives her a unique perspective and leg up when it comes to creating best-selling titles and highly effective copy.

As a non-techie herself, Ellen understands what technically challenged people face. She understands that they need easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow programs that get results. She delivers!