Do You Have a Story to Share About Depression and How You Overcame it?
Or, How You Helped Someone Else
Overcome it and Find Success in Business?

Become a Contributor

Inspire & Help Others!

How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit, How Entrepreneurs can Overcome Depression
And Find Success

Who is this Book Project For?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Independent Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Authors
  • Anyone with a Business and a story about overcoming depression to share with others

Seven per cent of the U.S. Population is depressed but 49% of Entrepreneurs suffer from depression. This is an epidemic!

Why Contribute

  • It will make you a bestselling author with very little effort
  • It will help build your subscriber list (the money is in the list)
  • It will serve as a business card (only better!)
  • It will get you a lot of exposure for your business
  • It will inspires and help others
  • It teach you how to market or market better, and more!
  • It will help you leverage your marketing efforts
  • It will get our more leads and clients and grow your business

What this Book will Cover

  • Business Issues
  • Business Relationship Issues (With JV's affiliates, vendors, etc.)
  • Personal Relationships that are affected by Business
  • Time Management
  • Technical Issues
  • The Economy/Recession

How it Works

  • 1

    Pick your topic and decide where you want to send people from your story

  • 2

    Set up an interview time to tell your story

  • 3

    We will edit the audio and have it transcribed

  • 4

    We will then tighten it up and send you a proof for any minor changes

    You will send it back with the changes and the copy for your bonus offer. You may offer the full audio as a bonus if you don't have another one that is appropriate.

  • 5

    You may suggest a title for your story or leave it to us.

    We can't guarantee that we will use your title exactly as you write it, but we will take your suggestions under advisement.

  • 6

    You're done until it's published!

  • 7

    We will design and create the book

  • 8

    We'll set up the bestseller launch

  • 9

    We'll send you marketing materials to promote the launch

  • 10

    And we'll make it a #1 bestseller! (We have a 100% success rate doing bestseller promotions!)

  • 11

    You get the credit! Woo-hoo!

Fast-Action Extra Bonus

Become an angel investor in the project!
There are 8 spots left to become an angel investor and receive a special acknowledgement at the front of the book which will give you even more credibility and get more people interested in reading your story. How to Crush it in Business without Crushing Your Spirit!

This offer is only good for the next 8 people, or through May 15th, whichever comes first. So don't wait Join NOW!

Why am I offering this Amazing Opportunity?

  1. Because I started my authoring career with a collaborative book and I didn't take full advantage of the opportunity. I want to make sure this doesn't happen to you.
  2. I want to reward fast-action takers because I know that you will be the most pro-active in helping get the word out about this book so we can help as many entrepreneurs as possible!

Gold Bonuses

  • FREE Ticket to the EIPPY Book Awards 4-Day Live Event for Business Building! (Value $3,997)
  • Press Release Secrets Special Report
  • Case Study: A step-by-step report on our Bestseller Book Launch (Value $197)
  • List of Places to Announce Your Free Book (Value $10)
  • Guide to How to Repurpose your Story for more Leads and Book Sales (Value $27)
  • How to get more Leads and Clients Offline! (Value $27)

Platinum Bonuses

  • All of the Gold Bonuses, PLUS....
  • Your Name on the Cover of the Book (Value $3,000)
  • Author's Marketing Mastermind ($2,500)
  • eBook Marketing Mastery Program (Value $697)

Why Collaborate with Me?

  • I'm a #1 International Bestselling Author and I've had several #1 Bestsellers!
  • I have a 100% success rate taking authors who have followed my system to #1 on Amazon ( We have hit #1 in as many as 5 categories in a single launch!)
  • I have put together a collaboration book before as well as running several eBook Expo's so I understand the collaborative process
  • I have enlisted some of my colleagues who also have huge lists to help promote
  • I've been promoting and marketing books, workshops, products, programs, and services since 2004
  • I am well-known within the publishing and Internet-Marketing community


October 2nd: Last day to get interview done

October 7th: Last day to send in your bio, photo, and description of your bonus

October 16th: Final story will be send for your approval/final changes

November 1st: Final story must be sent back to us by this date to be included in the book. (No refunds if you don't get your story in on time.)

December 7th: Bestseller Launch Date



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.1. Do I have to be a writer to participate?

    No, you just have to have a story to tell about your business that depressed you and how you overcame it. If you can talk, you can participate!
  • Q.2. How long does my story have to be?

    The shortest would be about 10 minutes and the longest 30 minutes. It must fill at least one page of the book.
  • Q.3. What if I forget something during the interview that should be in the story?

    You can send it to us and we will insert it into the story.  (We will add one addition only. We can’t go back and forth, it will hold up production.)
  • Q.4. What if I don't know how to market books?

    No problem, We will be promoting the book But, we do appreciate your help. The more everyone chips in the more people this book will reach, the more people we can help!
  • Q.5. Is this a print book or ebook?

    It will be available as both a print book and an ebook.
  • Q.6. Where will we get print books from?

    You will be able to order books directly from Create Space at wholesale so that you can profit from them, but we won’t know the exact prices until the book is finished. (The price depends on the number of pages.)

What is my investment going to be?

If you were to create your own book, you'd have to research it to find a popular, cutting-edge topic, the right angle, and the right title, plus, you'd have to learn how to position it on Kindle so that it would have the possibility of becoming a bestseller-not always easy to do- especially if you are a new author, or pressed for time.

Then, you'd have to spend hours writing it. After that it would have to be edited, designed, formatted and uploaded. You'd have to get it into all the announcement sites (and my team has some tricks to doing this that most people will never figure out)!

You'd have to marketing it, and you wouldn't get anywhere near the amount of attention that we can get because of the group effort you get with a collaborative book. And finally, you would have to learn how to evaluate the launch so that you could make the necessary chances during it to ensure that you book hit #1.

Platinum $2,997
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Gold $697 or 2 Pay of $387 Each
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Restrictions Apply

I understand there are limited spots for participation in the collaborative book, How to Crush it in Business Without Crushing Your Spirit. 

If I do not get my interview done by the deadline date, or if I do not send in my proof by the deadline date, I may lose my spot and I will NOT get a refund. (We will do our best to get it in the book, but there will be a hard deadline for going to print.)